The Trust governance is based on a system of Members, Trustees and Local Academy Councils.  The Memorandum and Articles of the Trust and the schemes of delegation outline the responsibilities devolved to the Trustees and Local Academy Councils to address and reflect the local and particular priorities of the Academies in the Trust.


Members have an overarching responsibility for the viability and performance of the Academy Trust through the appointment of some Trustees, receiving of the annual accounts and appointing auditors. They have the power to amend the Articles of Association that govern the way the Trust is constituted and managed. Currently there are 3 Members of the Trust.


Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction, broad policy framework and oversight of the Trust and all its academies. They take decisions that are in the best interests of the MAT as a whole and are not representative of any one of the constituent academies. The Trustees are also Directors of the Academy which is a company limited by guarantee and registered as such at Companies House. Currently there are 8 Trustees.

Local Academy Councils

The primary function of the Local Academy Councils, regardless of the category allocation, is to support and critically appraise the quality of the work of the Academy leadership in meeting the overall aims of the MAT, particularly in ensuring that the students and staff in the MAT are given every opportunity to thrive and achieve their best.

Local Academy Councils are sub-committees of the Trust Board. The Council should support and strengthen the Academy’s leadership and, by working with the CEO and other Executive Leaders, hold them accountable for the performance of students and staff.  The parent body is represented by the election of two Parent Councillors on each LAC, dependant on the skills identified through audit.  Staff Councillors are also elected to the LAC.

Local Academy Council Information Pack

Election of Parent Councillors

Trust Resources and Audit Committee – Personnel, Finance and Premises

The Trust Resources Committee oversees the effective and efficient deployment and management of resources and staffing across the MAT to ensure:
•    Consistent policies and systems across the Trust’s academies;
•    Efficiency savings;
•    Opportunities, through financial economies of scale, to develop key expertise in specialist areas;
•    The deployment of resources monitored to maximise impact on standards;
•    Local Academy Councils are free to focus on standards.


Trust Standards & Effectiveness Committee – Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development.

The Trust Standards Committee oversees the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils including:

  • Strategic Educational Priorities
  • Overview, scrutiny and challenge of all schools’ provision in relation to personal development, behaviour and attitudes and pastoral support.



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