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Endeavour Learning Trust is a small but steadily growing Trust in the North West, currently spanning South Ribble, West Lancashire and North Sefton. In our family of schools at this point in our growth, we have three secondary schools and one large primary, a Teaching School Alliance and a SCITT.

In the past two years we have taken over the leadership of two of our secondary schools, both in challenging circumstances, and the impact has been rapid and significant. We are keen to welcome other schools into our MAT and to ensure we have the capacity to continue to intervene where we are needed most.

Our Trust has been further strengthened by the addition of a large primary school, which enables us to embrace the all through nature of education. It provides us with rich opportunities to learn from and with each other.

Our family ethos is tangible; we work as a team; we want the best for everyone. But we are also staunch in our commitment to doing this in a way which protects the wellbeing of our staff and our students; our commitment to reducing workload is non-negotiable. Our behaviour policies enable teachers to teach and students to learn and we strive to ensure that our schools are communities of joy, learning and teamwork. We seek to thrive; individually, together, in our classrooms, staffrooms, schools and across the Trust. (see Our Aims).

Current schools (July 2019)

Tarleton Academy  

  • Good, strong school (11-16, 652 NOR), original school in the MAT, lead school for Teaching School and SCITT

Burscough Priory Academy

  • School that was placed into special measures Dec 2017 (11- 16, NOR 700) – sponsor project for the MAT since September 2018

Churchtown Primary School

  • Good school (3 – 11, 820 NOR), converter academy from LA school, February 2019. Full autonomy to Heads (job share)

Wellfield High School

  • School on third RI (11-16, 350 NOR), still a LA school so not legally in the MAT but fully part of the family of schools – Executive Leadership Team currently running school under SLA with Governing Body

Trust Structures

The intention we have is that our schools are led by Headteachers, supported by our Executive and Central Teams. The extent of this support will be different depending upon the circumstances of each school. We hope to centralise the main finance, contracts and HR functions, to enable our Heads to get on with running their schools. HR policies are the main centralised policies. Heads manage their own budgets and set their operational policies, learning from each other collaboratively as to which policies maximise learning and reduce workload.

Our current secondary schools operate a Head of School/Executive Headteacher model. This is due to the embryonic nature of the Trust. The longer term aim will be to have Headteachers in each of these schools, with the Executive Team providing additional support as appropriate. It is anticipated that this will naturally evolve. It is certainly not the case that new schools to the Trust would have this model, or an Executive Headteacher imposed.

We do feel a sense of moral obligation to work as a sponsor for schools that require this level of intervention. We are building our teams and the capacity in our schools to ensure we are well placed for this, without any detriment to the wonderful work already happening in current schools.

As with any Trust there is a top slice, which is reflective of the level of input required. The top slice pays for the Executive & Central Team (although grants to add to this cost are regularly and robustly pursued). As the Trust grows, this central fund will provide an important central pot for outlay in addition to CIF and other bids that may be necessary, but which isn’t budgeted for in the individual schools. The current Executive & Central Team is detailed below.

Executive & Central Trust Teams

Mrs Gwinnett Trust Leader and CEO (currently Executive Headteacher) Executive Leadership Team
Mrs Davies Chief Operating Officer
Miss Bacon Director of Standards
Mrs Fairhurst Director of Student Services

Executive Headteacher

to be recruited September 2019 - January 2020

  Director of Teaching & Learning (Teaching School)

School Improvement &

Professional Development Team

  Director of SCITT
  Executive Director of Maths
  Executive Director of Science
  Executive Data Manager

Assistant Director of Student Services

& Attendance Manager

Student Services Support Team
  Inclusion Manager
  Family Support Worker
  Central Operations 

Central Resource &

Operations Team

  Trust Estates Manager
  Central Finance Manager
  Resource Manager (H&S, Policy Watch, DPO)
  Finance Assistants


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