David Clayton - Chief Executive 

David joined Endeavour Learning Trust in August 2023 with a track record of leading strong Trusts, and serving areas across the North of England. 

Under his leadership, both Trusts that David has worked with developed people-centred cultures which brought about significant improvements in the schools he was responsible for, leading to his former Trust being awarded MAT of the year at the National Schools Awards 2022. 

David is passionate about inclusion, with a clear focus on ensuring that the Trust serves every individual member of our school communities. He has a firm belief that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in every sense, regardless of their background and that every colleague, regardless of their role or responsibility, deserves to be nurtured, empowered and supported to develop professionally and personally. 

Ultimately, David's vision is that every individual member of the Trust's community, child or adult, should benefit from an equality of opportunity to achieve their full aspirations. 

Tracey Greenough - Deputy Chief Executive 

Tracey joined Endeavour Learning Trust in January 2024 as the Deputy Chief Executive. Tracey began her work in education as a Teacher of Science gradually taking on more leadership responsibility over time. She has been a Subject Leader, an Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning and a Vice Principal for the Quality of Education.

Tracey became a Headteacher in 2014 and was responsible for leading the school until she left for pastures new in 2019. In September 2019, Tracey became the Northwest Regional Director of Education for a Secondary Trust and then became the Deputy CEO with responsibility for school improvement. Tracey has also worked at a Local Authority as an Education Consultant, and she is a practicing Ofsted Inspector.

Tracey is a Trustee and the Chair of an Interim Oversight Board which provides additional challenge and support for another Multi-Academy Trust.

Tracey believes strongly that every person is unique and of great value. She believes in equality of opportunity, fairness and authenticity. She is a huge advocate for a child-centred approach and believes that all young people and staff have qualities, skills and talents that need to be nurtured and developed so that they can be the very best version of themselves.

Tracey believes in fostering the spirit of togetherness and wants to ensure that all colleagues and young people have the opportunity to be their true authentic selves.

Gareth Caunce - Director of Primary Education

Gareth joined Endeavour Learning Trust in January 2024, following ten years of headship in an outstanding two-form entry primary school. Gareth holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship and is a practicing Ofsted Inspector, regularly inspecting schools across the North West. Having worked across 6 different schools, Gareth has over 20 years’ experience in primary education, 19 of which have been in senior leadership roles. In addition to his substantive Headship/Deputy Headship posts, Gareth has undertaken a number of secondment headships across the region, providing leadership and management support to schools. Gareth has an unwavering drive to ensure that all pupils have access to the very best possible education and has secured exceptional outcomes in all settings in which he has worked.

Gareth has particular interest and expertise in the use of technology to raise educational outcomes and his former school was awarded the prestigious Apple Distinguished School status. Gareth’s role within the Trust is to provide strategic leadership and guidance to improve educational outcomes and standards, working with Headteachers, teachers, Governing bodies and other stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of curriculum, assessment and school improvement strategies.

Allen Hall - Assistant Director of Education

Joining Endeavour Learning Trust in June 2024, Allen Hall began his educational journey with a history degree from the University of Kentucky. This path led him to qualify as a teacher in the UK and earn an MSc in Learning and Teaching from the University of Oxford.

With over 17 years of teaching experience, including a decade as a senior leader across diverse educational settings, Allen has successfully led initiatives in leadership and management, teaching and learning, curriculum development, and behaviour standards. His expertise lies in driving school improvement through strategic planning and system optimisation. He is committed to fostering a research-based learning culture, promoting a strong team ethos, and cultivating a climate conducive to innovation and creativity.

Allen firmly believes in recognising individual potential in all. He is dedicated to developing students holistically, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary to succeed. Viewing teachers and leaders as the foremost agents of change, his approach is rooted in continuous improvement, reflective practice and collaboration. He strives to create an environment where both staff and students can thrive and fulfil their potential, ensuring a transformative educational experience for all.

Neelam Yousaf - Director of People 

Neelam joined Endeavour Learning Trust in January 2024 to help shape and lead the People Services function for the Trust. Her passion is to create a working environment that allows people to develop, thrive and be happy.

Judith Perry - Chief Finance Officer

Judith leads the Finance Team, ensuring that the resources available to schools to benefit our children are maximised. She provides substantial support to school leaders, ensuring that Headteachers are able to focus their time on the education of our children. 

Judith is a CIMA qualified Chartered Management Accountant and holds the Level 4 Certificate in School Business Management. She has over 25 years experience working in finance across IT, Retail and Education sectors of which 10 years is experience in Education. Judith has experience of primary, secondary, maintained schools and academies. 

She has considerable experience in maximising income for schools, achieving best value and ensuring schools remain financially strong. Judith is passionate about ensuring the finance function supports our schools to provide the best possible outcomes for our students. 

Christine Adams - Director of SEND 

Christine works alongside the Headteachers and senior leaders in our primary schools as a School Improvement Partner, promoting collaboration between colleagues to develop best practice. Christine is also the strategic lead across the Trust for Special Educational Needs, reading, marketing and the School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme (SCITT). 

Christine began her career working for ICI in Marketing and PR and in 2000 made a career change into Education. Christine has worked in a range of primary schools, and been a senior leader in 5 different schools, including Headteacher in 2 and Executive Headteacher in a further 2 schools. She has gained significant experience of successfully leading and developing whole school improvement and managing change. Christine has led schools to improve their curriculum, develop effective teaching and learning and implement effective SEND, pastoral and nurture provisions. 

Heather Fowler - Head of Safeguarding 

Heather leads on safeguarding and welfare throughout our schools. She is responsible for training staff and supporting schools on all aspects of safeguarding. 

Heather brings a wealth of experience from 20 years working in education in safeguarding and pastoral roles. With experience of both primary and secondary, special and mainstream, Heather has worked across the North-West developing strong safeguarding cultures to a threshold above compliance. After building significant experience in day-to-day practice, Heather worked for Lancashire County Council in the School Safeguarding Officer role before moving on to a senior post with a national safeguarding company. 

In addition to the above, Heather has worked closely with prominent leaders from public services to develop internationally recognised resources around supporting children experiencing adversity and acted as a Civic Commissioner for the Poverty Trust Commission.

Jack Snowdon - Director of Estates and Operations 

Jack is responsible for the development and implementation of our estates and operations strategy including capital projects and investment, facility management, ICT, health and safety, catering, cleaning, security and business management. 

Jack joined the newly formed Endeavour Learning Trust in 2018 as Executive Estate Manager and has delivered on over £10 million pounds of capital projects ranging from major plant and heating replacement to minor refurbishments. Most recently Jack has overseen the construction of the first Net Zero Carbon in Operation school in the country to have a swimming pool. Jack is currently overseeing the planning of a second Gen-Zero rebuild through the Government's School Rebuilding Programme.

Jack is passionate about education and is driven to make a difference to lives of young people and the local communities that our schools serve. 

Mark Forster - Director of Community and Partnerships

Mark is responsible for the leadership of the Endeavour Community strategy, drawing upon a rich background spanning over two decades in delivering physical education, school sports, and community engagement programs. With a profound dedication to fostering community engagement and forging impactful partnerships, Mark leverages his extensive knowledge and expertise to promote health, well-being, and active lifestyles among students and the broader community.

His leadership ethos is characterised by innovation, collaboration, and an unyielding belief in the transformative potential of their undertakings. Each initiative, partnership, and project is geared towards making a tangible impact on the lives of students and families within the expanding Endeavour Community.

Mark is driven by the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and partner organisations to expand the scope of Endeavour Community's programs. He envisions that through collective efforts, the team can magnify their influence and effect even more positive change in the lives of those they serve.

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