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15 October 2021

Classroom Skills and Lesson Planning

Written By Sky Gwynne (Primary SCITT)  I have had an excellent week! As well as gaining vital classroom skills, I have also had the opportunity to attend our Year 6 parents' information evening. This allowed me to meet and introduce myself to the pupils' parents and explain m...

5 October 2021

Form group and lesson planning breakthroughs

Written By Chemistry Trainee Tracey McCormick This last week has felt like an incredibly intense week, with many challenges but also many highs. I have found developing a teacher-student relationship with my form group very challenging.  However, I have persevered every day with a warm fr...

14 June 2021

SCITT cohort experience Primary School teaching

Written by Steph Ashton I think most aspiring teachers consider or wonder what it would be like to teach at a primary school. For our SCITT cohort, this week was our opportunity to experience a day in the life of a primary school teacher over at Middleforth C of E Primary School.  We w...

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