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2 February 2023

Enhancement Fortnight

Written by George, Secondary History SCITT Trainee   As part of the Endeavour Learning SCITT programme we have recently completed our ‘enhancement weeks’. For me, this started with a two day visit to Runshaw College. What I discovered was an environment with a greater focu...

2 February 2023

Change is inevitable, even in the early stages of our teaching careers.

Written by Naadiya, Secondary MFL SCITT Trainee After weeks of anticipation to start our second placement, we have already finished the first three weeks in our new schools. I was nervous to start my second placement at Burscough Priory Academy after having a great experience at my first place...

14 December 2022

When Ofsted Call

Written by Katie Richardson (SCITT Trainee 2022/23) The dreaded Ofsted call. The school had been expecting it, but still the atmosphere across the school changes in an instant, and meetings are called and held at short notice. All afterschool clubs and personal plans are cancelled. Quick meeti...

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