First Placement Reflections

Well, what a Term!  When deciding to train through the SCITT route I was keen to be thrown straight into the hustle and bustle of school life and I was not disappointed! I could have never imagined that just within this short amount of time I could have felt like I have accomplished and learned so…

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14 weeks of Teacher Training

Written by Laura Bench (SCITT Trainee)

So... 14 weeks in to my teacher training and I love it! I am not going to say it has been a lot of work as there is a lot to learn, plan, adapt, update, reflect on and improve but at the end of every day I am reminded that teaching is a vocation and it is…

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End of Placement Reflection

Written by Rosie Coupe (SCITT Trainee)

Diving head first into the world of teaching has been one of the most challenging things that I have done, despite this, I have loved every single minute of it.

During the first couple of weeks, I was observing different teachings in both my department…

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Classroom Skills and Lesson Planning

Written By Sky Gwynne (Primary SCITT) 

I have had an excellent week! As well as gaining vital classroom skills, I have also had the opportunity to attend our Year 6 parents' information evening. This allowed me to meet and introduce myself to the pupils' parents and explain my role within the…

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Form group and lesson planning breakthroughs

Written By Chemistry Trainee Tracey McCormick

This last week has felt like an incredibly intense week, with many challenges but also many highs. I have found developing a teacher-student relationship with my form group very challenging.  However, I have persevered every day with a warm friendly…

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SCITT cohort experience Primary School teaching

Written by Steph Ashton

I think most aspiring teachers consider or wonder what it would be like to teach at a primary school. For our SCITT cohort, this week was our opportunity to experience a day in the life of a primary school teacher over at Middleforth C of E Primary School. 

We were…

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Friday Conference and Mock Interviews

Back by popular demand, this week our Friday conference started with 'Chesterfield Time'; an opportunity to reflect on the week and give insight to our peers on how we might have handled situations differently. We then spent the morning discussing the important, yet thorny issue of Fundamental…

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Returning to SCITT Friday Conference Sessions

Written By David Bryant (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Welcome to the blog three months in the making … well sort of. This week, schools reopened to pupils for the first time since December 18th, and as such the Endeavour Learning trainees returned home to Tarleton for our usual Friday Conference…

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Placement Reflection

Written by Stephanie Ashton (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

As our first placement comes to an end (again), it has been worthwhile to reflect on how far we have come as trainee teachers.  

It would be quite easy to focus on what we have missed out on by not having time in the classroom, but this is…

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Being a trainee teacher during a global pandemic

Blog is written by Stephanie Ashton (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Whilst it can feel that January has around 300 days, I must confess that for me it has gone by pretty quickly. It has been a whirlwind tour of online teaching, finding new resources and discovering new ways to communicate effectively…

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Teacher Training during Lockdown

Blog written by Joe Mayor (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Despite the unusual times we find ourselves in, it’s great to be back! In a week as unpredictable as it was challenging for teachers, there was one thing the Endeavour trainees could rely on… Chesterfield time: the weekly opportunity to reflect…

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Applications and Interviews

Blog written by David Bryant (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Dust down your CV, select your fanciest tie, and polish your shoes, because it is time for the interviews! Due to popular demand, this week’s session in Tarleton was focussed on letters of application and interview technique, and what it takes…

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