Focusing on SEND

Blog written by Joanne Grime (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Today in our Friday trainee conference we had a session with Amjad Ali focusing on SEN/D, which was great timing for me as we have an assignment due next week in which I am focusing on a SEND need. As I have already been researching ideas on…

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Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Blog written by Jack Turner (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

This week’s Friday Conference with Endeavour Learning SCITT, focused on Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE). We all spent the day with experienced subject specialists. In Science we worked with Tarleton Academy’s Head of Science, Tony Houghton,…

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SCITT Trainee Conference

Blog written by Matt Dicker (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Emily Hunter returned at the perfect moment for me in today’s trainee conference. At the end of each school week, which on placement runs from Monday to Thursday, I get the chance to sit down with my mentor and discuss the last four days. We…

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