On Wednesday 10th July 2019, 10 schools came together for our Mini Masters Event, aimed at providing our more able students with an opportunity to experience a flavour of subjects beyond that of GCSE. The event began with an address from our inspirational guest speaker, Michelle Turner, whose own emotional story inspired the students to grasp every opportunity, which was then evident in their engagement and participation throughout the rest of the day. Students thoroughly enjoyed the range of sessions on offer such as Psychology (Are criminals born or made?), an Introduction to Particle Physics and the challenge of solving a murder mystery in a foreign language.

Student feedback has been highly positive with most students wanting sessions to go on for longer! Nicholas from Ormskirk School said “The topics were so interesting because they were more specific and advanced than the lessons in school, I would have liked them to go on longer so we could study in more depth.” Sarah from Burscough Priory Academy said “The best challenge of the day was studying Literature as a form of social protest”.

For the teachers who volunteered to deliver sessions it was seen as an opportunity to revisit A level or in some cases degree level topics. The students commented on their passionate and engaging delivery and interesting yet challenging lesson content. Staff in attendance commented on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from students. Mr Denning from Ormskirk School said “A great venue, fantastic speaker – great example of resilience and opportunity”, Mr Blackledge from Academy @ Worden said “A fantastic opportunity for able and ambitious students. All of my 3 groups were really engaged and fully immersed themselves in the discussions and debates. I thought the day was excellent and well organised.”

Thank you to all the staff that contributed to this event, Michelle Turner for her inspirational speech and West Lancashire College for providing the venue.

We are already looking forward to the next Mini Masters! Details will be added to the website when known.

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