Amjad Ali

For the academic year 2019/2020, we are very excited to welcome Amjad Ali to come and deliver some CPD sessions to our Teaching School Alliance. 

Amjad Ali is a Teacher, Trainer, TEDx speaker and Senior Leader. He has spent his teaching career working in challenging, diverse schools. He is a qualified, practising SENCO, Amjad is also an Advanced Skills Teacher in Teaching and Learning. He has worked with all sectors in education and with trainee teachers to Head Teachers, delivering training on a range of topics across the United Kingdom and world. 
Amjad is ambitious and committed to making a difference to the education system by inspiring changes. He is a current teacher, who tweets and tweaks his practice to help others improve theirs. Which in turn helps him and his students too. For Amjad, education is about ensuring wherever you come from, whatever your parents do or not do, does not impact on a students' potential of success. Whatever success means to that young person, it should be found and celebrated.


Amjad's 'Try This Teaching' website can be found here

Details about Amjad's Effective Teacher Programme 2019-2020 can be found here


See the schedule below of the programme. The morning of each session will be a CPD training for SCITTs, NQTs and RQTs while the afternoon session will be aimed at Middle and Senior Leaders to help implement changes in their schools.

ELTSA Amjad Ali Workshops


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