The Interview Process 

If your application is successful we will call you for interview. We will provide you with interview guidance but below is an overview of the process and the purpose of each activity:


All candidates will complete a written task. The purpose of the written task is to review the following: 

  • Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • If you can clearly articulate your points
  • If you have addressed all aspects of the question

All candidates will plan and deliver a 20-minute session in which a skill and subject concept should be taught to a small group of pupils, observed by some members of the interview panel. The purpose of this task is to review the following: 

  • Your confidence 
  • If you have clear speech 
  • If you possess a positive demeanour 
  • If you have effective communication skills
  • Your enthusiasm 
  • Your ability to get on with people 
  • If there is a genuine liking for and understanding of children 
  • leadership potential 

All candidates will be formally interviewed. The information collated from the written task, the taught session, and the pupil panel, including references will be utilised to support the interview. The interview panel will consist of a number of staff members from across the SCITT Partnership along with a Subject Lead. 




The purpose of these tasks is to review the following;

You will be expected to demonstrate to the interview panel that you have a good understanding of the knowledge, concepts and skills of your curriculum area and that you have the capacity to articulate your understanding of the same.  The panel will expect you to demonstrate an enthusiasm and interest for your subject(s) and, if possible, experience and understanding of how your subject is taught in the Secondary classroom.

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate evidence of relevant experience of working with Secondary age children. The panel will expect you to be able to describe and analyse the range of experience gained in relation to working with children and young people.  If you have planned further experiences in schools, you must ensure that that the interviewers are aware of this.

The interview panel will expect you to demonstrate your awareness of current educational issues.  These might include, for example, the National Curriculum, the place of your subject within the curriculum, the nature of your subject at 11-16, the testing of pupil attainment, changes to the post-sixteen curriculum and educational inclusion.

You will be expected to have well thought out ideas on why you wish to enter teaching and, in addition, to show an awareness of the work of the contemporary Secondary school. 

You will be expected to demonstrate this throughout the whole recruitment and selection process but we would expect you to be able to share examples of where you have had to demonstrate this. 

You will be expected to provide an example of when you have demonstrated leadership and what you learned from this experience about yourself and your leadership style.

The ability to communicate clearly and grammatically in spoken and written Standard English will be explored throughout the whole interview process and the written task completed on the day.


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