When you make an application to us, our dedicated team will review your application and then invite you to interview if you have been successful. 

If you are invited to interview, we will give you as much guidance as possible beforehand, but below is a great guide for what you can expect to happen on the day. 

Taught Session

All candidates will plan and deliver a 20-minute session in which a skill and subject concept should be taught to a small group of pupils, observed by some members of the interview panel. The purpose of this task is to review the following: 

  • Your confidence
  • If you have clear speech 
  • If you possess a positive demeanour 
  • If you have effective communication skills 
  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your ability to build rapport quickly with people 
  • If there is a genuine affinity for and understanding of children 
  • Leadership potential 

Written Task 

All candidates will complete a written task on their interview day. The purpose of this exercise is to review the following: 

  • Your grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • If you can clearly articulate your points
  • If you have addressed all aspects of the question


 Individual Formal Interview 

During your formal interview, you will be asked questions from a pool of information. These will be pulled from your written task, taught session and references will be utilised to support the interview. The interview panel will consist of a number of staff members from across the Teacher Training partnership along with a subject lead.

The purpose of these tasks is to review the following: 

  • Strong subject knowledge
  • Reflection and analysis 
  • Knowledge of educational issues
  • Commitment to the profession
  • Personal Characteristics 
  • Leadership Qualities 
  • Communication Skills



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