Our Teacher Training programme starts from September, and continues through to the following June. This ensures that our trainees have enough time to maximise their placements and get the most out of the year with us. 

Trainees spend four days a week in school, observing, planning lessons and teaching. Fridays are spent in a teaching and learning conference day, which will usually take place at a school in the Trust.


You will have 2 placements in two contrasting schools.  In addition, there will be other opportunities which will include:

  • A primary school 
  • A SEND school 
  • Post-16 Teaching
  • A faith school 
  • A school with high levels of EAL (English as an additional language)

As your progress through the programme, your timetable and teaching load will be tailored to your needs and determined by your confidence and competence on the programme.

For our trainees, we have found that spending most of your training in a school environment is the best grounding for a career in teaching.

Professional Conference

Our course structure is made up of four school-based days and a conference day every Friday.
The majority of these conferences will spend the morning focusing on planning for learning and developing wider teaching skills, to provide you with the knowledge, competence and understanding so you are able to become a highly effective teacher.
These conferences will be led by our team of experienced mentors and a number of highly regarded national speakers. 
The afternoon is spent working with a specialist to develop your curriculum area (Secondary Trainees) or phase (Primary Trainees). 
Other conferences will have an academic focus, where you will work with staff from Liverpool John Moores University to develop Masters, Level 7 work that culminates in the award of a PG Cert in Education.


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