The programme consists of school centred training from the beginning of September through to the end of June. 

Trainees spend four days a week in school, observing teaching, planning lessons and teaching. Fridays are spent in a teaching and learning conference day, which will usually be held at Tarleton Academy.

The majority of the conferences will focus on planning for learning and teaching and provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding so that you are able to be a highly effective teacher. 

Other conferences will have an academic focus where you will work with staff from Liverpool John Moores University to develop Masters Level 7 work. 


You will have 2 equal placements in two contrasting schools.  In addition, there will be other opportunities which will include:

  • A primary school (for Secondary school trainees) 
  • A secondary school (for Primary school trainees) 
  • A SEND school 
  • Post-16 Teaching
  • A faith school 
  • A school with high levels of EAL (English as an additional language)

As you progress through the programme, your timetable and teaching load will be bespoke to your needs and determined by your confidence and competence on the programme. 

We recruit candidates who have the potential to be highly effective teachers and we aim for all trainees to be ‘outstanding’ by the end of their year training with us. 

Teacher training designed by our schools’ outstanding teachers and leaders will ensure a firm grounding in practical skills. Spending more of your training in the school environment, for some trainees, is proving to be the best grounding for a career in teaching. Our programme is designed to create the next generation of highly effective teachers who will help lead our schools to success.

To find out more about the course structure or if you are simply interested in applying please contact us on


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