Primary Enhancement Days

Image of Primary Enhancement Days

Written by Alex, Primary SCITT trainee

The first week of January saw the remnants of Christmas draw to a close and the new calendar year take full force, starting with our primary enhancement fortnight. In the world of primary, no two days are the same, this remained true of our enhancement…

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Enhancement Fortnight

Image of Enhancement Fortnight

Written by George, Secondary History SCITT Trainee


As part of the Endeavour Learning SCITT programme we have recently completed our ‘enhancement weeks’. For me, this started with a two day visit to Runshaw College. What I discovered was an environment with a greater focus on…

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Change is inevitable, even in the early stages of our teaching careers.

Image of Change is inevitable, even in the early stages of our teaching careers.

Written by Naadiya, Secondary MFL SCITT Trainee

After weeks of anticipation to start our second placement, we have already finished the first three weeks in our new schools. I was nervous to start my second placement at Burscough Priory Academy after having a great experience at my first…

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The Art and Necessities of Training to Teach

Image of The Art and Necessities of Training to Teach

Written by Sharna, Biology 2022-2023 


Science has been my passion and the backbone for most of my endeavours in life. So, it seemed the natural and almost inevitable next step to progress into teaching by enrolling onto the Endeavour Trust SCITT program. My first placement school is…

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The first 6 weeks of Autumn term 2022 - done!

Image of The first 6 weeks of Autumn term 2022 - done!

Written by Emma, Secondary D&T 2022-2023

It’s hard to believe the first half term has passed so quickly but what an exciting journey it has been! Far more highs than lows and a satisfying reassurance that I am on track with my first placement school has given me the confidence to believe that I…

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Coaching In Schools

Image of Coaching In Schools

Written by Chloe Hind – SCITT Trainee


I find it hard sometimes to speak in a crowd

So I thought I’d write a poem and not say it too loud,

About how Coaching in Schools has affected me

Both from a personal sense and professionally


A difference it’s made to me…

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A Trip to Nelson

Image of A Trip to Nelson

Written by Rosie, Secondary Trainee


After a couple of false starts, myself and my colleague found the entrance to Marsden Heights Community College. It was worth the search, as what a fantastic school it was. There were around 1000 students there, with a high percentage who are learning…

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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

Image of A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

Written by Laura (SCITT Trainee)


This week has not been easy. I believe that important lessons are learnt from mistakes and when things go wrong. This week they went very wrong.

Through my working life I have been told the 5 P's - Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance.…

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Assignment one completed!

Image of Assignment one completed!

Written by Laura Bench, Secondary SCITT trainee


What a week! Working on our full trainee timetable and a multi-faith daytrip, culminating in my presentation towards my PG Cert module credits on Friday morning. I will be honest my priority was always on the QTS not so much the master's…

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Inclusivity in the Classroom

Image of Inclusivity in the Classroom

Written by Jess Hancox, Secondary SCITT trainee


This week, I taught my full timetable for the first time, including my first year 10 lesson! I think the most nerve-wracking thing I did this week was when I went into my placement school’s sixth form to talk to the year 13s as part of their…

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Research Informed Practice

Image of Research Informed Practice

Written by Rosie Coupe, Secondary SCITT trainee


This Friday we had the pleasure of meeting Amjad Ali, a motivational speaker who has over 30K followers on twitter! (@TeachLeadAAli).  Most importantly, for four days a week, he is still a member of the teaching team at his school.


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