Friday 24th June was the last day on programme for this year’s cohort of trainee teachers. All trainees had 15 minutes to deliver a presentation to their peers focusing on what they had learnt and how they have developed against the Teachers’ Standards. These presentations included the inevitable highs and lows during the year, plus key learning points and what they will be focusing on in their upcoming Early Career Teacher (ECT) year. It’s a huge accomplishment to reflect on just how far they’ve travelled personally, how much they’ve learnt academically and ultimately how they’ve grown professionally as a Teacher. 

Once the presentations were delivered, we all tucked into Endeavour Learning cake pops very kindly provided by Sky – they were almost too pretty to eat, but not quite! We all went out for a celebration meal for the last time as the 21-22 cohort before everyone starts their new careers.

As a staff member of the programme, it has been my privilege and pleasure to support them, we may be small but we are definitely a family.  As Ludi Jones says, "it takes a village to raise a child, and a whole school to raise an ECT," so we look forward to being part of the bigger teaching family now to help them continue to flourish. Well done to you all!