Written by Chloe Hind – SCITT Trainee


I find it hard sometimes to speak in a crowd

So I thought I’d write a poem and not say it too loud,

About how Coaching in Schools has affected me

Both from a personal sense and professionally


A difference it’s made to me personally

Was to break down my goals, make them clearer to see

By making them smaller it gave me the chance

To succeed in my goal of returning to dance


Within my classroom, I’d hope you’d agree

It has made me frame criticism constructively

Like could you make that paintbrush any wetter?!

Or how could we make this even better?


When I think about how I use more skills in my role

I think about the fast model and setting a goal

The students in my class will see, hear and feel

To get around obstacles and make their goal real


When thinking about changes I’ve made as a coach

I have to go back to the correct approach

Setting realistic goals they can see in pen

Make sure they’re committed on the scale at 10


Again something that’s definitely caused me to change

Is learning to be concise and paraphrase

If I use their own words and repeat right back

Laser their language make it short and snap


One change I’ve made from another stance

Has been to give others time and not just pounce

It has made me step back and maybe think twice

I don’t guess words; I listen and be nice


A difference I made for one coachee

Was to get them from home to the first tee

His goal was to golf but the first little step

Was to search driving ranges a goal which he kept


I encouraged a little and listened a lot

We made mind maps with a pen to jot

Any suggestions that could help with his plan

Scrumpled up obstacles in the palm of his hand


It made him less stressed and have motivation

To move on to more goals without hesitation

His confidence grew and he was excited to tell me

That he’d made it to a course and was hitting par 3


Another coachee I could see the difference

In her attitude towards her own appearance

She started off with a mindset that she wasn’t healthy

And by the end of six sessions, she felt more happy



We met for 20 mins on a coffee break

To catch up about mini steps that she would take

She had plenty of ideas in her head that she’d store

And I’d ask her if she could just think of just one more


She again made small little changes

Which seemed manageable in chunks and didn’t take ages

She kept to her goals and was eating healthier

She just realised her goals needed to be stealthier


To sum up the programme I think I would say

That I can see benefits in day to day

Within my teaching and even at home

It helps focus the mind and get in the zone


In a nutshell, this programme has been a benefit

The seven secrets are useful and have become a habit

And even when someone’s goals seem slightly odd

I find it best to pause, smile and politely nod