After spending much time and effort perfecting your application, you’ve submitted it to your three-top choices, and all your hard work has been worth it with an invite to interview.

Firstly, the best advice is to treat it like a job interview, in our case, SCITT programmes will most likely have a capacity as we focus on more personalised support for our trainees and don’t want to compromise on this commitment to quality. That means those on the course experience a more individualised teacher training experience so it’s worth the effort at interview stage to secure these benefits.

Secondary applicants will be asked to prepare a 20-minute session for a year 7 or 8 class on a topic of your choice relating to your chosen subject.  Primary applicants will be asked to prepare a 20-minute session on an age appropriate book.  Whilst this can an unnerving request, it’s also an invaluable experience to stand in front of a class and see what it’s really like to be a teacher and in control of a classroom.  We certainly don’t expect applicants to deliver an Ofsted Outstanding lesson, there would be no point in offering a Teacher Training programme if that was the case! In reality, what we are looking for is a knowledge and love for your subject, but equally a natural rapport with children.  In actual fact, applicants usually say how exhilarating they’ve found it and it validates their calling to go into teaching, it will most likely be their first experience in standing in front a class and it can be empowering.

Applicants will also attend a formal interview, typically with the Director of the SCITT, the Head of Faculty for your chosen subject and one of the Professional Mentors for the programme.  The questions are not there to trip you up, the aim is help give you a platform to showcase your qualities and suitability. Like any interview, best advice is to do your research and demonstrate your passion, experience and knowledge to help illustrate you are the perfect candidate to become an outstanding teacher.

 It costs £9,000 to train to be a teacher; the best advice is to do your research into providers and course types and make sure you not only find the right training programme for you, but you invest in right professional team to support you and work with, to help make certain you’re the best teacher you can possibly be.