Written By Jolie (Primary SCITT Trainee)

So, changing schools is hard! Moving from my first placement school to my second placement was one of the most challenging aspects of the course I have come across so far. 

I really had to adapt to a change of environment, teaching approaches and completely new school routines and rules. I found that I had become so used to my first placement, I felt really comfortable and confident with timetables and staff and the class. To then move to a different school and alter my approach to teaching to fit my new school and class was a challenge. 

However, I worked hard to push myself and took every bit of advice and feedback I was given from my new mentor to adapt to the new placement quickly. The fact that I have already built a strong 'teacher toolbox' has meant that I have settled into my new school more quickly than my first, and has really helped me build my relationships with my new class. 

Once I found my feet, teaching Maths and Worship lessons every day, I quickly found my confidence again and found myself progressing more quickly than I had before.

As well as this, the staff at my new placement have really helped me settle with my new class and I am looking forward to working well together to help me on my trainee teacher journey.