Written by Laura Bench (SCITT Trainee)

So... 14 weeks in to my teacher training and I love it! I am not going to say it has been a lot of work as there is a lot to learn, plan, adapt, update, reflect on and improve but at the end of every day I am reminded that teaching is a vocation and it is soooo worth it!

This few months we have covered;

Research-led teaching, Rosenshine's principles, how we learn, the difference of long and short term memory, the forgetting curve and how important it is in planning lessons and units. 

How retrieval, spacing, interleaving are essential to combat our brains natural forgetting processes. What adaptations are needed for SEND students but how they benefit ALL students, scaffolding to high expectations, dual coding and linking concrete examples to abstract ideas supports progress. 

Low stakes questioning and cold calling trains pupils to focus and actively learn. Planning tasks for high success rates raises a positive learning mindset in pupils.

How it is important to acknowledge and not be afraid of our mistakes to help us and pupils learn and grow our own "schema" and resilience through being a good role model.

The role of teacher is more important than just as an expert in their particular field, it is pastoral, personal, secure and reliable and that good consistent relationships are the way to help students feel safe and able to learn and move forward.

The power of presence and working on the instrument of body language and voice is so important. How the tone and pitch of your voice can alter the meaning and having a good presence allows you to command a classroom even at a whisper, as well as how non-verbal cues can be the most powerful actions for ensuring focus and compliance.

And so much more! 

The main thing is that the kids make this job! They are funny, smart, sly, creative, mindless, emotional, caring and unique! Can't wait to meet my new classes in January and start it all over again