Written by Rosie Coupe (SCITT Trainee)

Diving head first into the world of teaching has been one of the most challenging things that I have done, despite this, I have loved every single minute of it.

During the first couple of weeks, I was observing different teachings in both my department and around the school – this was extremely valuable as by the end of it, I understood how a classroom worked and how teachers taught. When I started teaching, it was with year 7 and 8s, and then I most certainly caught the teaching bug. Even teaching human reproduction to the year 8s couldn’t put me off! Some of the funniest moments arose from these lessons, when we started to label the reproductive systems, certain words were shouted out very quietly, apart from one student, who shouted it with much gusto even me and my mentor couldn’t keep the giggles away!

Teaching KS4 was a whole different story compared to KS3, suddenly they seemed so serious compared to their younger peers. Physics tested my own maths skills, as well as my patience as one student whispered ‘please fall off and drop on her toe’ about some weights I was holding up to show the class. By the end of the placement, I felt at home in that physics classroom, so much so the class were sad to see me go!

The year 10s were the last class I picked up towards the end of the placement,  despite knowing them all as a supporting teacher in the classroom, it was different again teaching them. My first lesson teaching year 10 felt just like my first ever lesson I ever taught! Now, I have had the opportunity to teach them several more times and feel much more confident teaching them, as well as the class becoming more comfortable with me as their teacher.

A constant throughout all of my placement has been the tutor I have been placed with, whatever day I had been having (some days were definitely better than others!)  I knew that they would have some tales to tell about their school day, both positive and not so positive . I am definitely going to miss them as well as all my classes. I am so grateful to all the staff who have supported and mentored me during my first placement, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!