Written by Laura Bench, Secondary SCITT trainee


What a week! Working on our full trainee timetable and a multi-faith daytrip, culminating in my presentation towards my PG Cert module credits on Friday morning. I will be honest my priority was always on the QTS not so much the master's credits, but having delved into the area of practitioner research, I can say it was a really enjoyable challenge. We were supported with a few contact days with the LJMU academic staff over the month before the due date and a slide template for the presentation was provided to work from, although we were not given any examples which was difficult at first but in hindsight was a good way to let the case study go where the research would take us. Whilst it was hard to choose a research area from the broad topic of inclusive practice, my SCITT colleagues and myself researched a range of topics including SEND, physical disability adaptations, low attainment students, and EHC plans. Delving into the policies and data around inclusive practice was really beneficial and although a lot of what I read about did not make it into the 10-minute presentation, I was exposed to so much information, across several areas not just locally but internationally as well, so I feel much more informed having completed this. There was a lot of cross-over but when it came to the 10-minute presentations, we all interpreted it slightly differently and so it was a really interesting morning listening to several different presentations around the similar area but each with a different focus, and it provided me with lots of food for thought for my own practice moving forward. 

The presentation itself was nerve-racking, more so than standing in front of a classroom full of children, but it was done in a way that felt safe and although I went first, I did not feel that we were being judged. It was set up that we were presenting a point of view, showing that we can engage with research. This section of the course, in association with LJMU has allowed us to embark on personal research to inform ourselves of the reasons behind the current practices and inspire us to continue engaging in reflective practice and maybe, one day, contribute to the evidence base out there with our own research???