Written By Sky Gwynne (Primary SCITT) 

I have had an excellent week! As well as gaining vital classroom skills, I have also had the opportunity to attend our Year 6 parents' information evening. This allowed me to meet and introduce myself to the pupils' parents and explain my role within the classroom. This was an invaluable opportunity for me going forwards in my teaching career, getting to know, not just the pupils in my class, but also their parents and getting an idea of what their hopes and dreams for their children are. 

This was followed by an excellent Friday conference where we learnt how to plan our lessons efficiently and the best structure to follow. This allowed me to incorporate these skills into practise this week to create successful lessons. We also looked into the importance of questioning in the classroom as the most frequent form of interaction with pupils. If we're going to ask literally millions of questions in our careers, we need to make sure they're good ones!