Written By Chemistry Trainee Tracey McCormick

This last week has felt like an incredibly intense week, with many challenges but also many highs. I have found developing a teacher-student relationship with my form group very challenging.  However, I have persevered every day with a warm friendly smile and a "good morning", taking time to greet every student, and eventually I was rewarded at the end of the week with smiles, waves, and even verbal interaction such as “have a good day miss!” I’m not sure what turned the tide, but I was walking on air for the rest of the day!

Added to this, I attempted my first lesson plan and delivered my first lesson. I was incredibly nervous and felt as though it would never work. But I got through it, even with a power cut! The lesson was not going quite the way I had intended and I had to change my ideas and expectations for the lesson quickly as the students were very excited by the power cut! Also, this week was my first open evening.  It was honestly so much fun, parents were getting involved as well as prospective students, and seeing the looks of wonder on their faces was such an amazing feeling as they had a go at the Chemistry  practicals we had planned!  It has been such a varied week, and I was exhausted by the end, but still feeling so rewarded by the breakthroughs with my students. It was definitely worth it!