Back by popular demand, this week our Friday conference started with 'Chesterfield Time'; an opportunity to reflect on the week and give insight to our peers on how we might have handled situations differently. We then spent the morning discussing the important, yet thorny issue of Fundamental British Values and their importance in school. After our 'Typically British Bingo' was won by Jamie and Matt's strange views on the Britishness of Carling lager were debated, we settled to look at what these values are and how and where they could be taught. A wide variety of views among us showed that this is not an easy topic at all, but the fact is that schools have a "duty" to promote these values. It was interesting to see how these also link into other subjects beyond PSCHE and how they are very evident in Humanities subjects and particularly in the History curriculum.

We also had the time to look over the ITT Core Content Framework and RAG rate ourselves ready for our first interim reviews on our second placement which are due next week. We used our RAG ratings to provide evidence for achieving our QTS and considered how these contribute to help us develop into reflective practitioners.

For the final part of the day, we had mock interviews (in which I was lucky enough to take part). Roger, one of the Professional Mentors and a member of the Executive Team from Endeavour Learning Trust performed interviews on three of us in front of the rest of the cohort. The experience was very nerve racking but extremely useful for the three of us. It was my first formal interview for a teaching role and was nothing like any other interview I have ever had. The feedback given was specific, constructive, and overall has made me feel more confident for my next interview opportunity. I would encourage any future trainees to take part in these where possible as the experience has been invaluable.

A tiring, yet rewarding end to another tiring, yet rewarding week!