Written By David Bryant (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

Welcome to the blog three months in the making … well sort of. This week, schools reopened to pupils for the first time since December 18th, and as such the Endeavour Learning trainees returned home to Tarleton for our usual Friday Conference sessions.

At the beginning of the day there was a great energy in the room, as we were all excited to talk about the first week in our new placements.  Personally, I have had a fantastic first week in my second placement. Everybody has been great to me, and I received a warm welcome from staff and pupils alike. I spent the week observing a range of teachers, over a variety of subjects, whilst taking on board all the new routines and policies. The big difference between observing now and observing at the beginning of placement one in September is that the nerves have disappeared; the itchy feet have well and truly kicked in and I cannot wait to begin teaching. The course allows us to begin teaching in placements as soon as we feel ready, so in the coming week I will be looking to dig my toe into the water.

We began our Friday session with a lie back on the Chesterfield. We were asked to write down 3 things we like about our new school, two things which are different, and one thing that could be improved. The common theme over the discussion which followed was, as a group, we are all feeling a lot more relaxed and confident in our new placements, and this is simply down to how much we have grown together since September.

Next up, we discussed the features of a good lesson, and here we were able to share some of the different strategies we had picked up from the classroom and from our own individual reading. This activity led us to Rosenshire’s 10 Principles of Instruction, where together, we analysed and discussed each principle.  The afternoon was spent in our fourth coaching session, and here we delved even further into the different range strategies to explore which will help improve our coaching skills further.

Thanks for reading.


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