Written by Stephanie Ashton (SCITT Cohort 2020/21)

As our first placement comes to an end (again), it has been worthwhile to reflect on how far we have come as trainee teachers.  

It would be quite easy to focus on what we have missed out on by not having time in the classroom, but this is the wrong way to look at the last 8 weeks. We have all learned how to adapt to significant change, how to use different technology to maintain an inclusive and engaging virtual classroom. We have refined and developed our communication to ensure that we are providing clear instructions and ultimately, we have proved the importance of relationships with our students and our colleagues. Added to all this success, some of our cohort already have jobs lined up for September. So much silver lining on those clouds that were originally looking a bit grim. 

I am grateful for my colleagues who have supported me through my first placement, both personally and professionally. As cheesy as it sounds, from what you hear from other trainees around the country, I do think that we have won the SCITT lottery. If anyone is reading this and considering Endeavour Learning Trust… go for it! 

Whilst we are all glad to be getting back into some sort of normality from March 8th, I know we are all heading to our second placement ready, more experienced and determined to get stuck in.