Aims of Endeavour Learning Trust

Our overall aims are to provide:

  • A world class education for all our students, regardless of ability or background, which builds resilience, confidence and drive, in an ever changing world
  • A workforce of the highest calibre, with a winning combination of teamwork, skill, experience, passion and an unwavering commitment to excellence 
  • A relentless focus on individual and collective improvement and personal and professional development, in an ethos of high expectations and personal ambition
  • The moral imperative to ensure that no child is left behind and no individual is overlooked in their uniqueness and distinctive potential
  • A nurturing environment, where everyone feels safe and valued and where we get the balance right between encouragement and support and stretch and challenge, so that all of us can aim high and work together to make those aspirations a reality
  • A genuine commitment to foster partnerships, across our family of schools, with our parents, other strategic partners and our wider communities
  • The expertise to efficiently and effectively deploy and maximise our resources across the MAT and our wider networks and partnerships






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